3 hours, 1 keeper, and 1 ticket

Well…Sunday was a semi success. I got a call Saturday night from my cousin telling me he wanted to hit up a local spot tomorrow since he just got his license and hasn’t had a change to use it. I told him to call me in the morning, but since I knew the weather forecast, I didn’t think he would. It was supposed to dump 4 to 6 inches of rain the next day, and I knew he wasn’t hardcore enough to go out in that kind of weather. Turns out I was right.

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Otay AIM S.S. #2 – Prefish Day 1

My Lady and I have decided to fish the AIM Sunday series tournament (a small local San Diego tournament series). The next event will be our first, and will be her first ever event. She’s actually only fished off my boat with me once before, but it was fun, so the event, I hope, will be fun as well. The next event is at the Lower Otay Reservoir.

Last Saturday, in getting ready for the event I took my boat out to Otay to make some underwater structures on my new Humminbird 997c2 SI Combo NVB unit. The water was still cold, down to lower to mid 50’s. And the water was much higher then it was last year.

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