Been a while, time for an update

Wow, it’s been a busy summer. As you can imagine, I have been busy this summer. I’ve been traveling for work AND cramming in more tournaments. Let see if I can recap what has gone since my last post in May. Since the May San Diego Bassmasters Lake Alamo tournament, I have fished in 3 more club tournaments; and sucked in all of them. 3 straight club events or horrible fishing and I’ve been dropped to 27th place for the season so far. I only have 3 events left, so I better turn it around starting this weekend if I want to head into next year with any sort of confidence.

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Lake Alamo – lots of tackle, a blown motor and …

So the San Diego Bassmasters had a club tournament last weekend. This month’s tournament was held at Lake Alamo in AZ. It’s a lake in the middle of now where with the closest town being about 30 miles away. It was my first time at the lake, and due to my work schedule I was only going to be getting one day of pre-fishing done. The thing about this lake, it’s a slot limit lake. You’re only allowed to keep one fish that is in the 13” to 16” slot. Everyone caught a lot of fish in that range.

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San V. Prefishing

Wow, it’s been a while since the last post. Sorry to my faithful reader. I’ve been busy with the club tournament schedule and a few other circuits I’ve decided to try out. I’ve also got a few other things going on. I had to refund a few orders because of time constraints recently too. Anyway, we should get on to the fishing report.

I was fishing San Vicente with a buddy, as I have two tournaments there this month. We got there early, and on the water without a hitch.

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Pre Fishing AIM Sunday Series #2

Saturday I headed out to Lower Otay to pre-fish for the AIM Sunday Series, which was the next day. We got to the lake a little later then I had wanted, but it turned out ok, as there was a pretty good sized line to wait in. While there in line I noticed a few guys from the San Diego Bassmasters club I’m in, so we did some chatting on ideas for the day. It’s great to be in a club that is full of members so willing to share information. I’ve heard of clubs that are very tight with the information that they have, to me this kind of defeats the purpose of being in the club.

So launch and head straight to my planned first spot.

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Club Tournament Pre fishing

I hit up San Vicente on Saturday February 2nd to pre fish a little club tournament. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to, as I was having some motor problems on my boat, but luckily a buddy that is also in the club mentioned he had an open seat.

So we set out in cold water (for San Diego, 53 degrees is cold) and went to find out what we could. We pretty much fished points the few hours we were there. It was a tough bite, but my buddy managed 3 in the boat, and broke off one. He caught his on Carolina rigs, Jigs, and Drop shot trick worms, with all of them being deep.

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