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Been a while, time for an update

Wow, it’s been a busy summer. As you can imagine, I have been busy this summer. I’ve been traveling for work AND cramming in more tournaments. Let see if I can recap what has gone since my last post in May. Since the May San Diego Bassmasters Lake Alamo tournament, I have fished in 3 more club tournaments; and sucked in all of them. 3 straight club events or horrible fishing and I’ve been dropped to 27th place for the season so far. I only have 3 events left, so I better turn it around starting this weekend if I want to head into next year with any sort of confidence.

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Just an Update

I’ve got a few things I’m juggling right now, but I will have a few posts going up in the next few days. Since the last posts I’ve, bought a new Champion, cleaned out the garage, had some nice results on my baits in my club tournaments, done a few back to back to back fishing events with no sleep between them, etc.

In the mean time:

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Lake Alamo – lots of tackle, a blown motor and …

So the San Diego Bassmasters had a club tournament last weekend. This month’s tournament was held at Lake Alamo in AZ. It’s a lake in the middle of now where with the closest town being about 30 miles away. It was my first time at the lake, and due to my work schedule I was only going to be getting one day of pre-fishing done. The thing about this lake, it’s a slot limit lake. You’re only allowed to keep one fish that is in the 13” to 16” slot. Everyone caught a lot of fish in that range.

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Strike King King Shad Swim Bait Review

I thought I’d break from the tradition of posting about what I’ve been doing and do a little review of a hard plastic swim bait I’ve been throwing lately. The Strike King King Shad swim bait in the sexy shad color is the hard plastic swim bait I throw most. A partner in my fishing club recommended I give it a try. Apparently Kevin Van Damn says he always has a
Strike King King Shad
tied on at all times (ofcourse he is a Strike King sponsored athlete). It’s designed with the perfect combination of flash and wiggle. The Strike King King Shad swim bait is a 5”, flat-sided King Shad bait featuring a single-jointed body which works to create an irresistible, life like action that grabs and holds the attention of monster fish.

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