San V. Prefishing

Wow, it’s been a while since the last post. Sorry to my faithful reader. I’ve been busy with the club tournament schedule and a few other circuits I’ve decided to try out. I’ve also got a few other things going on. I had to refund a few orders because of time constraints recently too. Anyway, we should get on to the fishing report.

I was fishing San Vicente with a buddy, as I have two tournaments there this month. We got there early, and on the water without a hitch. I threw spinner and crank baits all day, and he threw pretty much the same until later in the day when he switched to a drop shot. We developed a small pattern of spinner bait fish off of sharp inclined rocky edges, hopefully the pattern holds up. We didn’t weigh the two biggest fish we caught, but did take some photos:


You tell me which you think is bigger.

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