Club Tournament Pre fishing

I hit up San Vicente on Saturday February 2nd to pre fish a little club tournament. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to, as I was having some motor problems on my boat, but luckily a buddy that is also in the club mentioned he had an open seat.

So we set out in cold water (for San Diego, 53 degrees is cold) and went to find out what we could. We pretty much fished points the few hours we were there. It was a tough bite, but my buddy managed 3 in the boat, and broke off one. He caught his on Carolina rigs, Jigs, and Drop shot trick worms, with all of them being deep. I managed to eliminate a lot of baits, as I didn’t get one single bite. (I’m not too proud to admit when I get blanked, sometimes those are the most productive days)

Ended up with these:

Hopefully the tournament will show better.

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