3 hours, 1 keeper, and 1 ticket

Well…Sunday was a semi success. I got a call Saturday night from my cousin telling me he wanted to hit up a local spot tomorrow since he just got his license and hasn’t had a change to use it. I told him to call me in the morning, but since I knew the weather forecast, I didn’t think he would. It was supposed to dump 4 to 6 inches of rain the next day, and I knew he wasn’t hardcore enough to go out in that kind of weather. Turns out I was right.

I did however get a call as an 8am wake up call (he was supposed to call around 5am.) Turns out the weather was grey but not raining and some pockets of clear moving towards us. So we figured what the hell. After a trip for some oil and gas, we made it on the water just before noon. After some minor boat issues, we were off. We happened to choose El Capitan, which in the north arm of this reservoir, gets mighty windy on a clear day. Only today was a severe wind advisory. So we battled the wind for about an hour or so, before getting to the first spot I had wanted to hit. We dropped anchor, and started fan casting crank baits for about half an hour or so.

After the reaction baits, with the wind the way it was, we decided to slow it way down and dead stick some Flippin Craws. Actually I decided to dead stick, while my cousin was still trying cranks. We ended up just bullshitting with each other for about 20 minutes, when I finally got to feel the “tic tic tic” we all know and love. After missing the set three different times, I felt a fourth; I set the hook and this time it fought back. I called out fish on, and got a “yeah right fucker” as a response from my net guy. It wasn’t until the fish broke water that he actually believed me. It wasn’t a monster but it was lively. It tipped in at just over 2 lbs.

The fished hammered that texas rigged Flippin Craw. In fact he hammered it so hard; I had to cut the plastic off the hook, in order to see how to remove the hook without killing him. I ended up remembering an article about how to remove a deeply hooked hook, and decided to keep him in the live well to see if he was going to make it. He had succeeded in covering my boat carpet with a lot of blood so I was unsure it was going to happen. I added some U2 Pro Formula to the well and we went on fishing for another one. The fish had convinced my fishing partner to slow down and he switched to the same rig. However, after another 10 minutes we were really ready to just get out of the wind, so we packed it up and moved to another, less windy part of the lake.

After the move, we were in a really nice, calm, clear area of the lake. Just about as we’re getting ready to move down the shore to another spot, DFG comes a long for a check. No big deal right?? Wrong! Turns out my cousin forgot his license. So of course EVERYTHING had to get checked out. The fish was measured (turned out to be 16.5 inches, plenty beyond El Caps 15inch minimum), my license was checked, and luckily my he believed my cousin and only gave him a “license not on body” ticket. We were both thankful. Let’s just say when it rains, it pours, because right after that, it started really raining on us. Even though we had rain gear, the mood was not as pleasant after the ticket, so we called it a day, 3 hours, 1 keeper, 1 ticket, and nothing else. I did feel good about the keeper though. Some local club was having a club tournament and had quite a few blanks. It’s always nice to hit a lake right after weigh-ins and still pull one nice keeper. Here’s to making sure your fishing partner has his license on him EVERYTIME!

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